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While it has been said that opposites attract, similarities and commonalities build trust and security. When filling out your profile, we suggest that you be honest about your preferences and wants in a partner so not to misrepresent yourself or mislead a potential match.

Without honesty and accuracy the system won’t work and you will inevitably defeat the purpose. This also applies to posting pictures and descriptions of yourself as well.  We suggest that you provide accurate and honest information about yourself as well as photos that are recent.

Once you’ve made a connection, remember, communication builds understanding and promotes a feeling of being safe in knowing what your partner or potential partner expects as well as what YOU expect from them. This builds trust.  If your newly involved with dating or divorced, remember, dating has changed a lot. Be open-minded but don’t feel pushed into compromising your principles or ideals.

If it’s a first date, meet at a public place. Always exercise caution and common sense.  While love requires some trust and vulnerability as well as emotional risk, unneeded chances with your safety are not wise..  Ask important questions and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or ignored if you have concerns which someone refuses to address.

Like with most things in life, sometimes things and people are not what they seem and sometimes they are exactly what they seem.  Like with life, use common sense and judgment, but try to be fair and open-minded at the same time.

Dating or starting to date again can be challenging and frustrating or it can be fun, exciting and full of promise. The better the tools, the greater are your chances for success. We provide tools to help you achieve your relationship goals We suggest  to Log on often and use the tools we provide.

We wish for you a life full of love, happiness and romance.

~love takes courage- go for it~

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