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How it Started

When we set out to create slammmm.com, our mission was to create the worlds first dating site to focus on true compatibility, based on proven, time-tested aspects of relating, communication and the mutual respect and understanding for yourself and others.

Our premise is that, true compatibility and meaningful, lasting relationships come from the knowledge of one’s self and from the mutual willingness of each partner or potential partner to incorporate time-tested, proven methods of courtship, which, we feel, will increase your chances of deeper, closer, more meaningful and satisfying relationships.

Our Beliefs

Dating Dynamics

Society is evolving at a very rapid pace, so are the ways in which people meet and interact in the dating world.

In fact, in the face of pandemics and economic, social, ethnic and even political divides, the entire concept of dating and relationships face more complications, insecurities and uncertainties  than ever before.

Even the roles, purpose and rules of gender have further complicated relationships, dating and  family dynamics. These dramatic changes and alterations can prove to be very confusing and frustrating- This may be especially true if you are finding yourself newly single and reentering the dating scene after an extended period of time.

We strongly believe, that through quality profiles, useful relationship information, honest self-evaluation and communication skills, combined with sincere individual effort, that our members can enjoy a less stressful, and more a successful dating experience.

It is our hope, that the features and philosophy that we have instilled into slammmm.com, will result in stronger, more intimate and secure, lasting relationships.

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Our Approach

Our Mission at Slammmm

OUR MISSION is to help facilitate these aspects and ideals into a reality for our members through quality matching principles and functions, devised through, carefully created features and an approach that is unlike any other on-line dating forum.

This mission is also to provide our members with quality, suitable match prospects, as well as  to provide the means to achieve successful matches by utilizing the functions and features that we’ve programed into slammmm.com.

Our approach is founded on, what we believe to be, a diverse, well balanced and comprehensive, holistic perspective and approach towards dating and the courting process.

We offer multiple ways to get to know other members and to hopefully, and enjoyably, hopefully, find compatible matches.

Some may choose to utilize this site to casually scroll through pictures and profiles of possible matches or to use our match feature- that’s great. For others, you may chose to delve into our genre section to find possible matches with other members who have similar general interests or, you can even create a new genre to attract others with common general interests.

Whether you are seeking friendship, romance or marriage, slammmm.com can help you realize your goals.

Slammmm.com is meant to be an expansive, morphing site, continually growing and evolving into a more effective and positive experience for our users and members, by virtue of the constant participation and interaction of other members. Whatever features and functions you choose to utilize on slammmm.com, we wish for you, an exciting and rewarding experience and the best in life and in love………..For what is life without love?

Disclosure: slammmm.com, its owners, operators and affiliates make no guarantees that any person or persons will be successful in any endeavor attempted by utilizing slammmm.com, nor do they assume, guarantee or warrantee any  specific outcome or result.