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If you’ve logged on, chances are that you are seeking a meaningful relationship; one that will enhance your life, meet your needs and bring you satisfaction and happiness.

As the founders of Slammmm.com and after being out of the dating scene for an extended period of time, we recognized that there were significant differences in the way people met and came together.

We also observed that there was a real need for improvement in dating and in relationships in general. While it would be rather repetitive to reiterate that relationships are strained in today’s modern society, it’s not necessarily clear to everyone as to why.

In the past, people dated generally within their own geographic proximity resulting in commonalities in upbringing. This included ethnic, educational, cultural and economic similarities. These similarities tend to form a psychological feeling of overall trust and feeling “safe” in knowing that their experiences, preferences and even their dreams and aspirations were similar. This also includes their view of love, relationships, marriage and even the role of gender. There is an overriding and overwhelming sense of security of being with someone when you know what to expect from them.

The advent of higher education and the use of the internet have drastically changed relationships and marriages forever. Young adults attending universities and schools far away from home and people meeting and getting together on-line have brought rise to people meeting and marrying outside of their background and experiences. This trend brings an even greater need for communication and the development of better relationship skills.

In order to develop these skills, it’s essential for the individuals to understand themselves and their partners in order to not only manage their differences but more importantly to build common grounds which creates trust and security. In order to achieve this, self-actualization and self awareness is required. For this, honesty and courage is essential.

We have formulated a self-evaluation and matching system which we feel institutes these elements and facilitates more honest and more secure bonds between our members which we feel vastly improves the chances of successful and satisfying relationships.

We also host a variety of tools, forums, and blog type features that we feel will aid you in the dating process, broaden your horizons and enhance your overall enjoyment of the dating process as well as SLAMMMM.com.

As the owners of SLAMMMM .com, we hope to facilitate the following; knowledge of self, knowledge of others, love of self and love of others. For we believe the realization of these will surely bring happiness, romance, and true love.…………and remember, we are here for YOU.

Our Mission

On behalf of the owners, operators and staff here at SLAMMMM.com, we would like to express to you the sincere sense of pride, care and commitment that we take in our website and the services it provides to you. We are also as equally committed and proud of its content, direction and usefulness.

Our mission is to provide quality profiles, suitable matches, and effective self-evaluation techniques and to facilitate better communication skills and awareness between our members.  We believe this will result in sincere, honest, stronger and longer-lasting bonds that are far more likely to achieve successful, satisfying, intimate, secure and even euphoric relationships.

We want to help you find that special someone, to form strong, healthy relationships and to improve the ones you already have. In doing all this, we also want to provide to you information and tools to help make this the most pleasant and satisfying experience possible.

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