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( Ethics, Attitude, Character, Courtesy and Morality in Dating )

As humans, we are all flawed and subject to mistakes in judgement and character as well.

Dating is no exception and while we are not perfect, we should try our best to ascend to a higher standard, for ourselves and unto others.

By being mindful of this, we can be assured of attracting a better-quality partner and thus, a better-quality relationship.

While does not discriminate against or towards ANY group or religion, our foundational principals are aligned with both Christian and “Godly” principles, founded in respect for one another, truthfulness, honesty, integrity and consideration for both, yourself and others.

We believe that these aspirations and in acting with character, dignity and with proper etiquette, will help towards making everyone’s experience on more satisfying and will help build better, more satisfying and lasting relationships.

Be advocate adhering to the following suggestions.

*Be truthful and honest-

While on, be honest and forthright. This will help build trust and a stronger foundation moving forward. Trust is a foundational rock for any relationship if it’s to last and stand the test of time and to work together through life’s challenges.

It will also save hurt and anguish later. Remember, the truth will always surface eventually. Being honest is a great way to build trust in one another, even if you only end up as friends.

You can never have too many friends.

Honesty is a great way to approach any relationship and a great way to approach life in general.

*Be available-

You MUST be 18 to be a member on and you MUST be single, divorced or separated.

*Be courteous, mindful, kind and act with character-

One of our foundational principles on is mutual respect for yourself and others. Without this, your relationships and self-image will be greatly challenged and the ability to have a healthy relationship will be almost completely diminished.

Treat others as you would want to be treated and don’t accept less from others or allow others to mistreat or manipulate you. Remember, is about new beginnings and promoting healthy attitudes towards yourself and others, NOT repeating old and destructive patterns from your past. 

Abusive behaviors will NOT be allowed or tolerated on and should be reported.

Remember, we are here to find happiness and compatibility. If someone is willing to treat specific persons with disrespect, they can do it to you as well.

Be aware of the conduct of those you associate with, character is everything.

*Be open, positive and transparent-

In order to attract the partner, you’re looking for, you must advertise and disclose the real and “life-like” depiction of who you really are and what you truly want in return.

Without this “transparency’, you’re likely to waste time and only give a false impression of who you are, causing the truth only to be exposed in a delayed fashion, likely, causing resentment and frustration for all involved.   

So be truthful, honest, transparent and exude a positive outlook.

People generally want to elevate to higher levels of happiness and understanding in their relationships, not be taken down with negative and condescending attitudes and verbiage.

This is not to say to “fake” who you are, but do not be hurtful, negative or condescending towards others, and they to show a real and sincere interest in who they are as well.

Remember, relations go two ways. There must be mutual respect, consideration, interests and care for a healthy relationship to grow and thrive and thus be satisfactory for both partners. Selfishness and healthy relationships do not work well together and there must be an equal “give’ and “take.”

*Do not cheat-

There is no room for cheating in a monogamous relationship.

If someone has thoughts of cheating, something is either missing from the relationship or internally amiss from the partner who contemplates doing such.

While there are multiple reasons people cheat, it usually Indicate problems within the relationship. While, not always the case, it is truer than not.

In the instance where people cheat early on, or have a history of such, it may Indicate a life-long pattern of such a behavior and could indicate emotional or mental conflicts within the individual and can even indicate past abuse done to the individual, done by the individual or both. Abuse tends to be a pattern that often gets handed down from an individual’s pasts.

At any rate, getting cheated on is not a pleasant experience and should be addressed.

This is not to say that cheating is necessarily the end of a relationship. Relationships can survive this if both partners are willing and able to discover and address the causations of such, but they must both be willing to do so without continuing with the destructive behavior.

Remember, you can’t live or exists in two different time zones at the same time, like-wise, it’s very difficult to live in two different frames of mind or to be devoted to two different states of emotions- cheating and being in a sincere relationship. Sooner or later, something must give.

In addition, cheating is not fair-this why it’s called “cheating” …..

……….so, approach your dating life with high expectations and hopefulness. Be honest and sincere and act with character, dignity & proper etiquette-

……..We wish you the BEGINNING OF A LIFETIME   

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