Safety Tips

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Online “red flags” and safety tips

  • links directing you to third party websites.
  • messages with multiple grammatical errors or misspelled words.
  • Offers of free things or “special offers”.
  • Profiles that disappear then reappear under different names or with different pictures.
  • Request to initially contact you off site.
  • Things that seem ‘fishy” or too good to be true.
  • Pushy” IMs or pushy, rude people- don’t give in to pressure.
  • People who have a ”sob” story or appear to be over dramatic or overly romantic.
  • People claiming to work for government agencies or claiming to be in prominent positions or to know celebrities or people of stature.
  • People who claim to be wealthy.
  • People who are overly complimentary or claim to be in love with you or infatuated with you I instantly.

Note: you can and are encouraged to report any and all suspicious online scams or schemes to: http//

Block all suspicious or harassing users and/or any and all users violating the terms, conditions or ethics of and report them immediately.

Be especially concerned with and report:

  • Members asking for money.
  • Members who are married, minors, soliciting minors, prostitution, lewd or lascivious services, lewd or lascivious behaviors or pornography.
  • Members who are harassing or inappropriate.
  • Spam or solicitations from 900 numbers .
  • Fraudulent or inappropriate profiles.

“Offline” tips

  • Get to the know someone before meeting in person. Ask appropriate and pertinent questions. -Be weary of people who avert and refuse to disclose normal lines of questioning.
  • Do a personal search on the person to check their validity if their answers or demeanor seems -suspicious or questionable.
  • While, there is more to a person than what appears under their name on a search engine and it may not be fair to judge someones intentions solely based on a personal search, you do have the right to be concerned with your personal safety.
  • We don’t condone the invasion of someones personal privacy, but we do advocate taking responsibility for your own personal safety by using common sense and good judgment.
  • Meet at a public place.
  • Relay to a friend or family member where your going and stay in contact.
  • Stay sober, drive your own vehicle and keep your personal possessions with you at all times.
  • Aways bring a credit card, cash and a fully charged cell phone.

*remember to park nearby your meeting place.

When meeting long distances

  • Keep your family and friends notified at all times.
  • Keep a charged cell phone and have a car and wall charger.
  • Have cash and accredit card.
  • Have your own method of transportation or options such as; a taxi, Lyft or Uber.
  • Don’t commit to stay at anyones personal residence.
  • Keep your hotel or place where you are staying confidential.
  • meet at public places.
  • Disclaimer notice:, its owners, operators and affiliates are not responsible for any actions taken or not taken or the repercussions from such, but not limited to such regarding the tips and suggesting listed above. Each individual member/user assumes responsibility for their own safety and well-being and assumes no responsibility for such. The tips and suggestions above are not meant to be asserted as professional safety advice and makes no claims to be experts regarding such.  

    All members/users should be certain to take all logical safety precautions and to investigate the circumstances and subjects of any and all meetings in order to secure their own personal safety.     


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