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The word “relationship” is derived from the word “relate’. The manner in which people “relate” to one another is referred to as their “relationship’.


As basic as this explanation may be, it is fundamental and essential in both the existence and survival of humanity. If there is diminished communication or relating, the relationship will be equally diminished. 


Because society has become so complex and self-centered, we have overdeveloped our focus based on our own needs and desires, leaving the needs and feelings of others to be an “afterthought”. The introduction of texting, computers, cell phones and social media as acceptable forms of communication have  further diminished our ability to face problems and have face to face conversations with any form of urgency or priority, leaving people feeling confused, insecure, lonely, neglected  and unfulfilled in their relationships.  

This, unfortunately, becomes a vicious cycle which is further fed and worsened by continual reinforcement of the entertainment industry, the media, and constant bombardment from TV advertisements, TV shows, movies and even prominent social figures glorifying the need to compete for physical beauty, fashion, power and the selfish desire for attention. 

It’s confusing and frustrating enough to have to deal with the pressure of modern-day society, without it being made more intense and frustrating by the diminished ability to communicate feelings, thoughts and ideas due to the inaccurate and inept modes of communication we now embrace. 

It’s also made worse by the pressure to compete on a level that is impractical and unrealistic to most with those who are privileged members of society and that are so incredibly shallow and lack substance or ethics. For these reasons and many more, relationships are becoming very complicated. 

These trends have diminished and devalued the importance of and have overlooked the value of traditional roles , methods and beliefs that have institutionalized meaningful and successful relationships, marriages and partnerships for centuries. 

The diminishing family unit has been reduced and the diminished focus on “teamwork”,unity and the concept of “a partnership” has truly destroyed the family unit. Even the “desire” to function as or to understand the dynamics of such has all but faded away. 

All of these negative attributes, have resulted in the over-development of the ego, resulting in the breakdown of the family unit and the degradation of communication, understanding, sympathy and self-sacrifice.  

People are now, far less willing to be empathetic, communicative or self-sacrificing. 

This selfish, self-serving and destructive cycle keeps feeding itself.  

For these reasons, it’s easy to understand why the divorce rate is historically high and why suicide, substance abuse, alcoholism and the wide spread of anti-depressants are so prevalent.  

In essence, it boils down to how we feel about ourselves. 

If we don’t love and respect ourselves, it’s not possible to love or respect others correctly or in the correct manner. 

While there are many and varied reasons why people do not love themselves or for their unhappiness, understanding, knowledge and willingness to put forth care and effort are key in beginning to develop the communication, respect, understanding and care for others and yourself, which can lead to better, more successful and satisfying relationships. 

Solid relationships require a “mutual effort” from both parties. When people see our effort and genuineness, it creates a sense of trust and feeling of “safety”. 

This feeling is an actual form of intimacy, that is just as important as physical  intimacy. The characteristics of trust, honesty, sacrifice, open communication, and sincere care are the building blocks of true growth in a relationship.  




The opinions and thoughts above are solely opinions and are meant to be viewed as “reflections” to the viewer., its owners, operators and affiliates assume no responsibility for any actions taken by virtue of these thoughts and opinions. 




When available, we offer “in-house” and/or OUT OF HOUSE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR “relationship coaching” to assist in your personal growth and growth within your relationships.  

These in-house services are additional to the basic membership packages and are included in the ‘“Grand Slam-Platinum Package” at additional costs. 


DISCLOSURE / RELAEASE, its owners and/or affiliates are not liable for any loss, claims, suits, charges, complaints, harm or otherwise claimed to be a direct or indirect result, regarding or related to, in ANY, way, shape or form, from “relationship coaching”,whether it be “in-house” or “out of house”.  

ANY and all relationship coaching services are to be accepted as mere opinions of the “coach, coaches or “facilitators” and are to be considered as tools of “reflection” for members/users to utilize in making their OWN decisions and assessments in seeking successful and improved personal relationships with others.  

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