Tips and Suggestions

While it’s been said that ‘opposites attract’, similarities and commonalities build trust and security.

When filling out your profile, we suggest that you be honest about you preferences and desires in a partner, so not to misrepresent yourself or mislead a potential match or other members.

Without honesty and accuracy, the system won’t work and the tools we provide will loose their optimal effectiveness, inevitably defeating the purpose.

This also applies to posting pictures and descriptions of yourself.

You should provide recent pictures that are reflective of your true appearance.


Once you’ve made a connection, remember; communication, transparency and truthfulness   are foundations for understanding and promote trust and security in knowing that other members are upfront and honest.

Do not misuse or abuse someones trust….it’s true, what they say about karma.


Blatant deceptiveness and dishonesty are not only unacceptable and prohibited, they are counter-productive in the dating process, promote and breed dissension, animosity and distrust and are just, plain, bad manners.


As explained in our “safety tips” section, If it’s a first date in person, meet at a pubic place.

It’s advisable to communicate for an extended period or even use video chat before deciding to meet in person.

Always exercise caution and common sense.

While love requires trust, vulnerability and some degree of emotional risk, unnecessary chances with your safety are not wise.

Ask important questions and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or ignored if you have concerns which someone refuses to address.


Like with most things in life, sometimes things and people are not what they seem and sometimes they are exactly what they seem.

When communicating with new members, use common sense and judgement, but also try to be open-minded as well.

In general, always err on the side of caution.


Dating or starting to date again after an extended period can be scary, challenging and frustrating, but it can also be exciting, promising and rewarding.

The better the tools, the more you are informed and the better equipped you are to make practical, intelligent choices, the greater your chances for success.

We strive to provide the features, functions and information to help you achieve your relationship goals.

So, log on often, use the features and functions we provide and give it you’r all.


Love takes courage.

Be informed, be brave and be in love-




For further information or questions, you may contact us a [email protected]


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